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We committed to provide reliable safety solutions to our valued clients. Our priority is to meet the demands of our customers in time and to develop a trust relationship

Anti Fire Experts is complete solution provider for Fire Fighting equipment, fire hydrant system, fire sprinkler system, fire alarm, fire pump sets, industrial safety equipment, road safety equipment and safety engineering to meet the local and international codes under one roof. Anti Fire Experts strive & work hard for a safer environment for all our clients and customers to make their workplace or home a “Safer place”. Our stateof‐the‐art technology based and cost‐effective solutions include planning, design, installation, management and maintenance.

We do not only offer a product, but we deal in full technical support, maintenance services and training. We have a specialized team for equipment maintenance, our engineers and technicians are always available for support & services. Furthermore, we support annual and bi‐annual maintenance proposals. The key behind our success and growth is the highly skilled, experienced & hard working staff those work with sincerity & dedication on all projects.

In our drive towards perfection and uncompromising quality we are constantly looking forward to building long term customer relationships. The commitment and sincerity of our team is an integral factor of our success and reflects in all project we undertake. These values leads us to earn the trust of customers, suppliers and contractors.

Currently, we offer a unique combination of essential services to market, promote and facilitate the supply of engineering products. Every day we strive to meet or exceed our costumer`s ever‐changing requirements with latest technologies and innovative solutions/products. Our wide ranging products are warmly welcomed by businesses, individuals and contractors. Our focus is on delivering quality products, solutions & services at competitively low prices with superior services.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Regular servicing and maintenance of your fire detection and alarm systems not only keeps you and your occupants safe it also can reduce the amount of false alarms which may occur in the system. Legislation recommends a periodic inspection and test of the system which includes all types of detectors such as heat and smoke. These should be tested to ensure that products of combustion are able to pass into the sensing chamber of the detector.

Smoke Ventilation Systems

Smoke ventilation systems transports the flow of toxic smoke, created by a fire, away from escape routes and out of the burning building and require regular maintenance.

Fire and smoke dampers are fitted into ductwork where it passes through a fire compartment barrier. These are designed to close when a specified temperature is met which can prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Fire dampers are crucial in a buildings fire safety system and their regular maintenance is essential to ensure they work effectively

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in a building. These systems can use a combination of dry chemicals and / or wet agents to suppress the fire.

Other Related Equipment and Systems

Every building is different which is why it is essential that you follow the fire risk assessment recommendations made regarding your specific premises.

Also the use of the building can effect the maintenance schedule. Where there is high life risk such as in hospitals and schools, more regular servicing and testing may be required for certain systems.

Buildings with a high public occupation such as cinemas, nightclubs and shopping centers may have more individual requirements also.

Many other building functions can connect to the life safety systems such as:

1: Smoke and Fire Curtains

2: Installation and commissioning of fire hydrant systems

3: Building Management Systems

4:Installation of smoke detection devices and alarms

5: Smoke Shutters

6: Complete periodic & preventive maintenance of Fire Systems

7:Design & Installation of Fire Sprinkler Systems

8:Alarm Monitoring

9: Surveys and recommendations to provide fire safety

10: Provide complete solution in order to meet Compliance requirements.

All of these will also need to be maintained to ensure that
the systems behave according to the Building Fire Cause & Effect Strategy
in the event of a life threatening occurrence.